A young Japanese scientist, a survivor of the Hiroshima bomb, Diesel Girl possesses an incredible power in her genetics. After working relentlessly to create a sustainable biomass energy using elements found at Alien Jack Motta’s crash site, DracoMango’s forces try to take her research from her. After they try and set the lab on fire in order to sabotage her research, an accidental explosion causes Diesel Girl’s Japanese genetics to awaken and they fuze with her Canabic research and samples. She awakens her inner superhero powers. Will she use them for good, or will she give in to the power and lose control? 

A never ending source of energy, say goodbye to fossil fuels, and hello to the renewable energy source that gets you ripped! Derived from the ChemDawg genetic, this flower has an incredible taste and narcotic effect. A plant that grows most effectively outside. Unleash the power of Diesel Girl and become a Hero at the same time. Who knows what secret DNA you’ve got hidden in there… 

THC % 20%
Sativa % 30%
Indica % 70%
Yield (Kg/m2) 60%
  • Mexican Sativa Afghani
  • Northern Lights
  • Ortega
  • Afghani SA
  • Hash Plant