Alien Jack Motta represents the Cannabis Activist in us all. He stands for our liberty and right to smoke what we want. Through years of isolation, and being a little ‘different’ from all his peers, Alien Jack has dedicated his life to the research of Cannabis. Able to harness a special power from Cannabis, by using his telepathic gifts. This Heroes story has just begun to unfold. What will he find on earth? And will he be able to face the challenges that lie ahead? Find out in his very own feature comic. 

The Alien Jack Motta genetic landed on earth. It has a high resistance and keeps itself pest free. A strong plant grows strong buds. These flowers pack a punch that makes you realize why he’s leading this group of Superheroes. Tasty, potent, the captain can have nothing else. 

THC % 22%
Sativa % 40%
Indica % 60%
Yield (Kg/m2) 85%
  • Haze
  • Red Skunk
  • Northern Ligths
  • Ortega
  • Afghani SA
  • Hash Plant