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My new online cannabis platform, Global Weed Trade, is landing in South Africa and it’s bringing its friends with it. After my time in Pretoria at the CannabisExpo2018, I was more determined than ever to connect South Africa to the rest of the world, to share the access that we enjoy in Europe.

Coming from a small town in Italy, where the most valued virtue was humbleness, I learned how to grow everything with my own two hands. Nothing sparks joy in me like seeing a little seed flourish, something you gave life.

Cannabis will always be my driving force in this life. Its pulled me back from near death, and has beared so much life.

GWT was born. A global platform to create a private and safe network of cannabis passion to be shared across the world. With a newly installed chat feature in place, clients can contact businesses directly. And once the App is ready for launch in June, connection to your personal cannabis account will be seamless.

Now with our boots landing in South Africa, we are bringing some exclusive access to the European market. Hero Seeds has opened its doors to franchising, and we are bringing this opportunity to the seed banks of South Africa. Global Weed Trade will supply the import/export expertise to ensure safe and guaranteed delivery of your goods, straight to your door.

Global Weed Trade looks to widen its reach, and create a large business and clientele network in South Africa. Through this great partnership we want to form with you, we anticipate large growth during this next growing season. We aim to connect clients to the ever growing web of cannabis related businesses in South Africa, and providing a private channel to sell and buy goods. No longer having big brother looking over our shoulders, censuring our content.