After solving quite a few of the worlds issues, Alien Jack Motta diverts his research and power into reviving an old Reggae icon from the dead. Bringing back his power and influence, Zombi Marley Rasta is born. A new addition to the hero seeds team, the Draco resistance watch carefully from the shadows, concerned… 

Brought back from the ages, this pure Indica will show you what it means to be reborn. High THC and CBD levels makes for a well rounded High. Aromatic, and resistant, Zombi Rasta is one of the most powerful characters on the team…. Will you revive the old cultures of the past? Or let them die out after the battle that will decide the fate of the universe? Grab a pack and be a hero. 

THC % 26%
Feminized 100%
Indica % 100%
Yield (kg/m2)
  • White Widow
  • Silver Haze
  • Northern Lights
  • Ortega
  • Afghani SA
  • Hash Plant