A man who has given up all social conventions, and retired from a life in the army to grow cannabis and create advanced robotics. He later becomes a mentor to his nephew Bat-Gum and starts to build him up to be the Hero he is today. Old Early may have years of wisdom on his shoulders, but he kicks as much as any of the heroes do. Not to be messed with, Old Early skunk is definitely a genetic for your personal Arsenal. 

If youre having the establishment blues and just want to break free of Social Norms…. this plant is the right plant for you. With an early flowering period bringing bigger and juicier fruits at the end of your harvest this is considered a cult classic. Old Early has stood the test of time with its high potency and resilience characteristics.

THC % 22%
Sativa % 40%
Indica % 60%
Yield (Kg/m2) 80%
  • Early Pearl
  • Skunk
  • Northern Lights
  • Ortega
  • Afghani SA
  • Hash Plant