Scarred for life after his parents death, BatGum was adopted by his uncle OldEarly. Through endless training and distilling a burning passion for Cannabis, Old Early created the Hero we all need. Someone who fights against the injustices of the authorities and stands for the legalization of Cannabis. After meeting Alien Jack Motta and telepathically showing the nocturnal superhero life BatGum lives, he is trusted with a secret that could change the course of humankind… maybe even the whole universe… 

Strong cerebral and psychedelic effect, this smoke stands out from all the rest. A resin count that will blow your socks off, and a taste that will remind you of sweet bubblegum. Through years of training, this plant packs a heavy punch! 

THC % 19%
Sativa % 25%
Indica % 75%
Yield (Kg/m2) 75%
  • Skunk
  • Northern Lights
  • Ortega
  • Afghani SA
  • Hash Plant